OSCRadio [3.23.2015-beta version]

OSCRadio is a SuperCollider program that enables to listen to the computer music performance and to chat with the performer and other listeners.

Download and Install SuperCollider

It is necessary for the users to install SuperCollider beforehand. If you have not yet, please go to SuperCollider website, download and install the latest stable version (3.6.6).

Download and Start OSCRadio

If you have finished to install SuperCollider, please download this (for OSX, Linux) or this (for Windows) zip file. After unzipping it, you will find "OSCRadio.scd" in the OSCRadio folder. If you are familiar with using SuperCollider, you can turn on the Radio just by evaluating the file; from "Language" menu of SuperCollider IDE, please choose "Evaluate File".

For those who don't want to touch SuperCollider, there is also a shell script file, "OSCRadio.sh" (OSX, Linux), or a batch file, "OSCRadio.bat" (Windows). Please keep that file with OSCRadio.scd in OSCRadio folder.

OSX, Linux

By opening OSCRadio.sh with Terminal, you can turn on the Radio.


By clicking the OSCRadio.sh icon with pressing Ctrl key, please choose "Open With". If you see "Terminal there, please choose it. If not, please choose "Other...", set "Enable: All Applications", and choose "Utilities" -> "Terminal".


By double-clicking OSCRadio.bat, you can turn on the Radio.

How to Use OSCRadio

Once you start up the OSCRadio program, you will see a window like below. At first, please click the long button on the upper part, written "please click here to turn me on." If you get a message, "Now you're listening to the noise..." where the long button was, please type your name in the smallest text field, and write some message in the field at the bottom. Then, please click the long button written "Type your message below and click here or press return key" or press Return or Enter key. If you hear a "poong" sound and see your name and message in the largest text view, the connection is established.


If you get a message, "Having some problem. Sorry for the inconvenience", please close the window.


Please go to Applications -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup and check the sampling rates of audio in and out. Those rates should be the same. If they are not, please change the setting to make them the same.


(work in progress...)


To use OSCRadio, wired connection to Internet is highly recommended. Even if the wifi signal is strong enough for web browsing, packet loss can occur too often for the Radio.

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